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Some secrets are too big to stay buried

When Nina Kasai left her wealthy suburban home to attend Stanford University, she vowed never to return. The awful truth has been locked away in the pages of her diary, and in the mind of a disturbed woman who will never tell.

Now twenty years later, Nina has it all: a successful career as a marketing executive for a renowned tech company, an adoring husband, and a baby on the way. But when Phillip Copeland, a cool liar and master manipulator threatens to destroy her unless she supports his political ambition, Nina can no longer hide the truth about her past.

What follows is a chilling game of a sabotage, retaliation, and treachery that leads to a dramatic courtroom showdown, and an unexpected yet devastating climax.

Justice and revenge collide in this gripping and emotional psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist.

“Spellbinding and engrossing.”

  • Ana E Ross, New York Timesand USA TodayBestselling Author

“A heart-pounding thrill ride.”

  • Readers’ Favorite

“It blew me away.”

  • Melena’s Reviews

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swan deception

The perfect family, a house full of secrets, and an ingenious killer out for revenge

Dr. Shelby Cooper seems to have it all—a successful career as a leading scientist in her field, two adorable kids, and a happy marriage to an ambitious corporate power player. But Shelby’s world is about to shatter in ways she could never imagine. 

The Coopers’ world explodes in a burst of scandal and suspicion when Shelby is arrested for the murder of her former physical therapist. A clever psychopath with a bitter vendetta is on the loose, and has orchestrated a diabolical conspiracy that could send Shelby to prison for life.  As the clock ticks, a series of stunning revelations threaten to ruin the Coopers for good. Yet nothing can prepare them for the mother of all deception—a truth so horrifying, it may leave them shattered forever.

A compelling and addictive psychological thriller that reveals a stunning portrait of deception, betrayal and vengeance that will leave you breathless until the final jaw-dropping twist.

“A spellbinding thriller.”

  • The Long and Short of it Reviews

“The writing is phenomenal.”

  • Angie Martin, Award-winning and Bestselling Author of Conduit, The Boys Cluband Chrysalis

“A truly diabolical psychological thriller.”

  • LaDonna’s Book Nook

“I’m an avid fan of Patterson, Baldacci and Sheldon. This rated up there.”

  • Goodreads Reviewer

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Mark of Deceit

To survive, she must battle a deadly enemy – her employer

When ambitious career girl Natalie Grainger Fox agrees to a secret meeting late at night in an underground garage, she becomes the unwilling recipient of a computer flash drive containing information that could bring about the collapse of her employer—a global powerhouse that may be guilty of financial fraud and cold-blooded murder. With a determined enemy watching her every move, and allies who are not what they seem, can Natalie stay alive long enough to orchestrate one of the biggest takedowns in corporate history?

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The Fearless Series features young protagonist Abbie Cooper who one reviewer referred to as “a warrior”. Abbie first appeared in the novel Swan Deception and at the end of the story, I knew she had so much more to say and do. As I considered who the character was, one word kept coming back to me again and again: Fearless. The idea for a series built around Abbie was born. I didn’t set out with a map for all the stories and how they would play out. I only knew that each book would be written as a standalone with new characters (some old), Abbie would face seemingly insurmountable challenges that would push her beyond her limits, and each story would be told with gripping suspense and powerful, emotional resonance. Book 3, Winds of Fear will be released this fall. Book 4, Fearless, will be the final book in the series.



Their dark secret could destroy her family

When Abbie Rambally meets the couple next door for the first time, she’s convinced something isn’t right. Why are the Paynes so fascinated with her oldest son and why do they ask so many probing questions about him? Then Abbie’s loyal and dependable nanny quits without giving notice, and Jenna Payne is only too happy to step in and help out. But Abbie begins to suspect that the Paynes’ choice of neighborhood was no accident.

Abbie wants to believe she can trust her neighbors but too many things about the couple don’t add up. So when a stranger in a café calls Jenna by a different name, and insists they’ve met before, one thing becomes clear. If Abbie doesn’t uncover what the Paynes are hiding, her family will be in terrible danger.

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autumn of fear

When Ivy League co-ed Abbie Cooper wakes up in a hospital bed barely alive after a violent assault, her world comes crashing down. She has no memory of the attack or her assailant, and no idea how she ended up in the emergency room. 

As she grapples with the horrific aftermath, Abbie is determined to uncover the truth about what happened that night. But to catch a monster, she must piece together the events in the weeks leading up to the assault. Why did charming senior Spencer Rossdale take a sudden interest in her, and why did her quiet study group partner Justin Tate want to meet with her alone?

The deeper Abbie digs into the events leading up to that fateful night, the more she unravels a stunning web of lies that stretch back decades. Revealing them will change everything but the truth is the least of Abbie’s problems. A vicious predator is watching her, and he’s willing to kill to protect his secret.

Autumn of Fear is a chilling, turbulent rollercoaster ride of deceit and obsession that races toward a stunning yet unforgettable conclusion. 

“Gripping and powerful.”


“The plot is sheer poetry. One of the best psychological thrillers I’ve had the pleasure of reading.”

  • Readers’ Favorite

“The best cloak and dagger thriller I’ve read in a while.”

  • NetGalley Reviewer

“Freakin genius.”

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game of fear

Sometimes good girls do very bad things

 Academic overachiever Abbie Cooper has one simple goal: get into the Ivy League. But at St. Matthew’s Academy, nothing is ever simple. The pressure is overwhelming, the secrets are dirty, and the games are wicked. Abbie has a dirty secret—one that could destroy her chances of getting into Princeton, and the lives of those closest to her.

One day, a package arrives from an anonymous source known only as The Avenger. The package contains a photo depicting the explosive secret Abbie has kept hidden from everyone—the shocking blunder she can never erase. For a price, The Avenger assures her that her secret will remain safe. There’s only one problem: The Avenger may not exist at all. So who’s out to ruin Abbie and why? To uncover the horrifying truth, she must play the game all the way to its stunning conclusion.

“This is one wild ride. A very good psychological thriller that will keep you up until the wee hours of the morning.”

  • The Cubicle Escapee

“A sassy, edgy page-turner.”

  • Wall to Wall Books

“A brilliant read.”

  • NaturalBri Reviews

“This book has a multitude of plot twists and moments that will leave you breathless and hopefully, like me, you’ll be saying “I need the next book NOW!”

  • Goodreads Reviewer

“A thrilling, suspenseful novel that had me hooked from the first page to the last. I cheered, held my breath, swore and prayed. I couldn’t put the book down.”

Amazon Reviewer

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