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Some secrets should stay buried

High-flying executive Nina Kasai’s seemingly perfect life is built on a lie and soon everything she’s worked hard to build will come crashing down like a house of cards. Phillip Copeland is a cool liar and master manipulator who conceals his dark side behind a veneer of charm and his status as a wealthy philanthropist. He wants nothing more than to realize his lofty political ambition, but Nina stands in his way—harboring a devastating secret that could utterly destroy him. How far will they go to protect their secrets, and how many lives will be shattered in the process?


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swan deception

The perfect family, a house full of secrets, and an ingenious killer out for revenge

Dr. Shelby Cooper’s world is shattered when she becomes the prime suspect in the brutal murder of her former physical therapist. But her nightmare is just beginning. A clever psychopath with a bitter vendetta is on the loose, and has orchestrated a diabolical hoax to even the score—a plot so terrifying, it could send Shelby to prison for life.


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autumn of fear

Abbie Cooper’s dream of becoming a neurosurgeon is shattered when she wakes up in a hospital bed barely alive after a violent assault, and no memory of the attack or her assailant. To uncover the truth of what happened that night, Abbie must confront a stunning web of lies that stretch back decades, and a vicious predator who is willing to kill to protect his secret,

Autumn of Fear is a chilling, turbulent rollercoaster ride of deceit and obsession that races toward a stunning yet unforgettable conclusion.