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Some Secrets Should Stay Buried

On the surface, Nina Kasai has it all—a glittering career as chief marketing officer of a multi-billion dollar high-tech company, a happy marriage, and after a heart-breaking struggle with infertility, her dream of motherhood is within her grasp. 

But Nina has been living a lie and soon everything she’s worked hard to build will come crashing down like a house of cards.

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swan deception

The perfect family, a house full of secrets, and an ingenious killer out for revenge

Dr. Shelby Cooper is a busy modern woman trying to balance it all—a successful career as a leading scientist in her field, two adorable kids and marriage to a brilliant corporate power player.

But Shelby’s past is shrouded in mystery, and someone out there knows all her secrets, someone who is dying to tell.

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Mark of Deceit

To survive, she must battle a deadly enemy – her employer

When ambitious career girl Natalie Grainger Fox agrees to a secret meeting late at night in an underground garage, she becomes the unwilling recipient of a computer flash drive containing information that could bring about the collapse of her employer—a global powerhouse that may be guilty of financial fraud and cold-blooded murder.

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Their dark secret could destroy her family

When Abbie Rambally meets the couple next door for the first time, she’s convinced something isn’t right. Why are the Paynes so fascinated with her oldest son and why do they ask so many questions about him? Then Abbie’s loyal and dependable nanny quits without giving notice, and Jenna Payne is only too happy to step in and help out. But Abbie begins to suspect that the Paynes’ choice of neighborhood was no accident.

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autumn of fear

An ambitious girl with a promising future, a charming manipulator with a diabolical secret—the truth will destroy them both

College student Abbie Cooper’s dream of becoming a surgeon is shattered when wakes up in a hospital bed after a violent assault and no memory of the attack or her assailant. To uncover the truth of what happened that night, Abbie must confront a stunning web of lies that stretch back decades and a vicious predator who’s willing to kill to protect his secret.

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game of fear

Sometimes good girls do very bad things

 Academic overachiever Abbie Cooper dreams of attending Princeton University. But when a mysterious stranger threatens to expose the dark secret that could destroy her future, it’s only the beginning of a diabolical game with no limits—a game Abbie will break every rule to win. 

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