Mark of Deceit


A short story of psychological suspense

A secret flash drive, a fraud conspiracy and a fight to the death…

When ambitious career girl Natalie Grainger Fox agrees to a secret meeting late at night in an underground garage, she becomes the unwilling recipient of a computer flash drive containing information that could bring about the collapse of her employer—a global powerhouse that may be guilty of financial fraud and cold-blooded murder. With a determined enemy watching her every move, and allies who are not what they seem, can Natalie stay alive long enough to orchestrate one of the biggest takedowns in corporate history?






Ben’s voice faded into the background. Natalie focused on the man in the trench coat, who was now on his cell phone, engaged in what looked to be an intense conversation. As if he sensed her eyes on him, he ended the conversation and hung up. Then he looked straight at her, his dark eyes burning a hole through her like a laser. She knew she should look away but like a trapped animal, she stared helplessly. Goosebumps appeared on her forearm. He broke off their staring contest, got up, and left the restaurant.

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