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Reign of Fear

A chance encounter unleashes a tangled web of vengeance, jealousy and betrayal

Abbie Rambally is a survivor who has finally achieved it all—she’s a respected neuropsychologist, devoted wife to a world-renowned surgeon, and mother to three wonderful children. But she’s about to feel the earth-shattering consequences of a chilling promise made long ago.

 Kristina Haywood is the envy of her circle of friends. With a glamorous lifestyle, a thriving career as a healthcare executive, and a marriage to a wealthy investment banker, the picture couldn’t be more perfect. But in the blink of an eye, Kristina’s fairytale begins to unravel, and spirals into an unspeakable nightmare she’s desperate to escape…

 Then a chance encounter in the lobby of a London hotel changes everything.

An ordinary exchange between long-forgotten acquaintances sparks a dangerous obsession—setting the stage for a ferocious game that will destroy one woman and forever alter the life of the other, because thirteen years ago, Abbie took something from Kristina, who will stop at nothing to get it back. 

 In the gripping and emotionally charged conclusion to the award-winning Fearless Series, power, obsession, and vengeance collide in a stunning response to the age-old question: how far would you go to win it all?


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